we are now open!

come thru for dinner.

also, get your happy hour on: M-F, 5-7pm


To share…or not

BREAD BASKET: a baked joint made w. fun butters

BEST NUTS EVER: rosemary maple roasted

WEDGE SALAD: w. a thick slab of bacon

DEVILED EGGS: three, organic, grandma’s lakehouse treat

CORN DOGGIES: three, choice of beef or veggie

BIG ASS PRETZEL: abakedjoint made w. mustard

The main event

CURRYWURST #9: Stachowski’s brat, curry ketchup w. handcut fries

THE BURGER: cast iron seared with american cheese, LTO + abakedjoint homemade bun

THE VEGGIE BURGER: red beans, mushrooms, cashews, bulgar, swiss, LTO, + abakedjoint homemade bun

NOT YO’ MAMA’S CHICKEN SCHNITZEL: topped w. arugula salad

ROASTED ROOT VEG GALETTE: vegan, hand formed w. a salad

THE ROAST: slow roasted beef, served w. hand pressed spaetzle + braised cabbage

ROASTED CAULIFLOWER: vegan &GF , served w. almond mole + cashew crema

GLAZED RIBS: smoked rack, w. a twice baked potato + cabbage

Sides for the fam

HANDCUT FRIES: served w. betty sauce

TWICE BAKED POTATO: a family favorite

MAMA T’S CABBAGE: braised red cabbage w. red currant jelly

SWISS CHARD & BEETS: w. golden raisins & hazelnuts

SPAETZLE: hand pressed egg noodle

Beer, 8 oz. 

KOLSCH: crisp + clean

DARK: malty & hoppy


WHITE: light + fresh

RED: simple + satisfying

BUBBLY: balanced + lively


CIDER: bright + dry

LIQUOR CART: ask for a list

DRAFT DRANK: batched for you

DRY DRANKS: soda, tea


Betty takes her whiskey neat, always has the best playlist, and whips up one hell of a roast chicken.


We are a walk-in joint and do not take reservations, so just pop in.


420 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001
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Tues – Closed
Mon to Sun – 5-10



(202) 408-8000

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